About Legacy Origins

Legacy Origins offers solutions for your life through our Lifestyle Management Services. We seek to build healthy relationships and assist in the busyness of life to leave a positive and impactful difference in the lives of others.

The idea behind Legacy Origins began many years ago when owner and founder, Lori Ortenzi, saw the need for building relationships throughout the community. Our services will help you with a more balanced schedule, leading to a healthier life and a greater impact on those who follow us. Lori has an extensive background in business. She enjoys hospitality, providing great service, and investing in people and relationships.

Lori has always found time to invest in people. Throughout her career, she has mentored and coached numerous individuals and teams. In 2006, Lori began working at the Reading Orthodontic Group (a leading orthodontic practice in Pennsylvania) as a trainer, manager and personal assistant. She gained invaluable experience and was sad to leave her work family when she and her husband left for Thailand to serve with ZOE International.

In 2012, Lori began assisting at a local women’s shelter. As Lori worked with the women and children on their daily, monthly and yearly goals, she quickly discovered the importance of coaching, assisting people in daily routines and schedules, teaching life skills, and mentorship programs. In the busyness of their lives, the women at the home simply needed a hand with all of their responsibilities. They needed someone who they knew was cheering them on and someone who could help with daily chores, even teaching them to house clean.

In 2014, Lori and her husband left their careers to move to Thailand and to work with ZOE International, an anti child trafficking organization.  Although they have no children of their own, Lori has always mentored others to pass along a greater legacy to the next generation. She had the opportunity to mentor and train staff and children in Thailand and to see firsthand the great impact on those who followed in their footsteps.  

Brad and Lori returned to the USA in April, 2019. Lori holds a Master’s Degree in Pastoral Counseling and Leadership. She desires to continue her work in the areas of hospitality and services, and utilizing her background and passion for business to train others and serve the community.